Rajeshwari & Vinod\’s Home

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Rajeshwari and Vinod, being very warm, welcoming and down to earth people, their home reflects their personalities. Let us walk you thru their home.

Foyer, Dining & Living

The Foyer was given a minimalist treatment with a dark brown ledge to showcase artifacts.

We went for a brick cladding for half the wall of the dining area while keeping rest of the wall space open to accommodate a compact crockery unit which provides ample storage space to the family. The choice of colors gives the space an earthy warm welcoming ambience. The carved wooden dining table and chairs complete the look.

A beautifully designed and equally well crafted TV Unit is the highlight of the living room. Ample storage space is available in the top and bottom units. Two ledges provide space for displaying family artifacts. The carefully chosen wooden furniture and curtains complete the look of the living room.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

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Study & Bedrooms

The family members, being avid readers, have a fantastic collection of books across a wide variety of genres. They wanted to have ample space to keep their collection of books organized and we gave them just that! A library style study with two walls full of books in neat racks behind sliding glass doors. We were grinning end-to-end in delight at the end result. Take a look for yourself and we can bet you will be mighty impressed!!

The bedrooms have two different styles of wardrobes. The kids bedroom has a white colored wardrobe to give an expanded sense of space while the master bedroom has a dual tone wardrobe to give a warm inviting look to the room. Both bedrooms feature ledges with spotlights which impart a cosy look in the evenings.

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The kitchen features a granite surface, shelves and top storage units. The sea green and yellow colors used in this space give it a bright, fresh and sunny feel which makes it a pleasure to use the kitchen. A Puja unit with CNC cut shutter has been provided below the tall unit to the far left.

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