Poushali & Amitayu\’s Home

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Poushali & Amitayu are a young, energetic couple with a taste for finer things in life. Their home is a natural extension to their persona; warm, charming and inviting. For their home, they wanted a Mediterranean touch and an European styling, which is exactly what they got from our team. Let us walk you through their home.

Living & Dining

The living area is done up in shades of blues and greys, lending a distinct contemporary Mediterranean touch. The tall shoe rack and the display partition complement each other to provide an elegant foyer area. The couple\’s existing TV unit was blended in to the rest of the decor. The meticulously chosen L-shaped sofa lends the living area a grandiose look. The beautiful curtains complete the picture.

The dining area has a persona of its own. The bar unit, counter top with bar stools and the elegant white dining table & chairs give an air of sophistication to this space. The beautiful curtains let in ample daylight, lending the space a charming bright hue. Absolute delight to sit in and have a conversation!

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Kitchen & Crockery

The kitchen has a distinct Mediterranean feel to it with blue dominating the set up. The shutters are done in rubber wood with Duco paint giving it a distinctly different and charming look and feel compared to most other kitchens. This space is an absolute pleasure to work in.

The crockery unit is made up of a bottom unit and an elegantly designed top unit, providing ample storage and display space. 

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Study & Bedrooms

\”The Study\”. Those are the words you will most probably use when you see this space. We are particularly proud of how this room has turned out. Photographs cannot do justice to the look and feel of the study. It\’s one of a kind! The colors used in this space have a calming effect on your psyche the moment you step into it. The wardrobe and top unit above the study table have been given a sense of continuity. The carefully chosen modern chairs lend a cheerful look to the room.

The master bedroom looks like something straight out of a dream. The bed and its back panel blend in wonderfully well with the wooden flooring. It features a best in class full height majestic lacquered glass sliding door wardrobe. The elegant wallpaper completes the look of this room.

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