Ashitha and Albin\’s Home

“A HOUSE is made of walls & beams,
A HOME is built with love & dreams\”

Welcome to the HOME of Ashitha and Albin! This young couple dreamt to have a cozy place to call their own and our designers helped the owners make the most of the available space. A two story independent house at Electronic city, Bangalore has now been transformed into a contemporary and spacious heaven by the interior designers of Foyer2Attic. Let\’s get inside their home and have a look now.

Living Area

As there is no foyer and the front door opens into the living area, it has to be guest ready. Hence the living area has been kept simple and clutter free with minimum furniture and decoratives. The false ceiling with concealed light fixtures and LED stud lights, provide uniform lighting to the living room. The TV console on the solid wall of the living area communicates an easy elegance. The sectional sofa and the sleek coffee table in the middle add to the comfort and style. The bright blue window curtains are used to liven up the living area making it look more welcoming. Also another element that has enhanced the visual charm of the room is the room divider partition which itself is a perfect decorative element with a touch of elegance and classy designer look.

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Dining Area

The dining area of this home is the extension of the living space. Though for the past decade, open concept homes have increased in popularity but our client wanted their area to have more privacy. So our interior designers decided to create and enhance the dining space by using wall partition. For the wall partition, plywood has been used with glossy white laminates for the columns and brown laminates for the box shaped shelves, which can freely display photo frames, small plants and other collections. A six sitter wooden dining table set has been placed just beside the partition wall. A buffet sideboard has been placed on the wall opposite to store extra plates and other dining room essentials. On top of the sideboard, an elegantly designed crockery unit with LED spotlights provide ample storage space to display the special occasion crockeries. And the LED stud lights on the false ceiling together with the concealed light fixtures makes this dining area looks quite inviting.

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The kitchen looks spacious and classy with its laminated finish in white, beige and brown. The wooden panel across the kitchen entrance and the beautifully done breakfast counter that separates the kitchen from the adjacent dining area provide visual texture and appeal to the room. The breakfast counter can be used as an extra space where food can be placed during get-together and it’s also the best spot to grab a quick bite. It also has storage space in it.  The middle section of the breakfast counter is made with fiber glass with LED strip lighting behind. Also the hanging LED lights over the counter lends a touch of class to the space. This compact kitchen, features ample space for cabinets and open shelves along two walls. The other wall has been utilized for placing the refrigerator. The spotlights in the open shelf beneath the wall cabinet illuminates the corner.

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Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is in the main floor itself, adjacent to the kitchen. As it is a small sized room, our client wanted it to be simple yet welcoming. Hence our designers chose to create a modern minimalist guest room with a double bed and a cupboard and have used shades of blue and white colours in the cupboard, curtains and bedding to complement the white walls of the room. The door that opens – up to the room also looks unique.

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Space Under the Staircase

The space below the staircase that leads to the first floor has been cleverly used by our interior designers by creating functional storage spaces which can provide a way to hide unsightly items. Also a wash basin unit has been installed in that small space adding a classy look to the corner.

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Family Room

Today’s living room has become smaller and more formal, while the family room has become the perfect place for lazy weekend afternoons, movie nights and entertaining friends. This family room on the first floor has been designed keeping in mind the similar need of our client. The design has been kept simple and the earthy colours look sophisticated and add warmth to the cozy family entertainment room. A cozy, sectional sofa, a TV console and a designer wall mounted shelf in the corner completes the look.

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Kid\’s Bedroom

Our client wanted to keep things simple for their 10 year old kid’s room. They wanted to design something which would be able to grow with him over the years.  Hence our designers chose gender neutral design for the kid’s bedroom.  The room has been given a monochromatic look with subtle grays and off whites. This timeless colour combination itself is effortlessly stylish and ensures longevity. To punctuate the scheme and add brightness to the room, multicolored bedding has been used.  Lots of storage space has been created to keep the room clutter free.  A study table with wall mounted open and closed shelves has also been created in one of the corners of the room making it a sweet sanctuary for the kid.

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Master Bedroom

Soothing neutrals and comforting patterns give this master bedroom a restful ambience. The different elements of this room like the bed, mirrored dressing table, work desk,  sitting bench with storage and the cupboards have been well coordinated giving this room a touch of sophistication without being too formal.

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Additional Room

Provision for an additional room has also been kept to accommodate extra guests. Monochrome style has been maintained here too that looks simple and elegant. Room is well equipped with a double sized bed, cupboards with dressing mirror and a work desk unit at the corner of the room.

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The corridor space in between the rooms has been beautifully designed using a big round designer mirror and a wooden cabinet has been installed to maximize the storage space. It can also be used as the mobile charging station.

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