Mr. Ranganathan\’s Home

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It was a pleasure to handle Mr. Ranganathan\’s home renovation project. We thank him for the opportunity to showcase our creativity in transforming his old house into a shiny new abode that is a pleasure to live in.

We all love transformation stories, don\’t we? This post is just about that. Today we write about this interiors renovation project which we took up recently and handed over only a few days ago. Home renovation projects typically demand close attention and that\’s what Madhu, our Creative Head, did throughout this project to provide a beautiful home tailor-made to our client\’s needs.This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.


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What we did

Our designer was up to the challenge from the word go on this project. A beautiful design was created as per budget and needs of the client.

Electrical changes were finalized and carried out with new modular switches and boards. Floor, bathroom and kitchen tiles were chosen by our designer as per color theme picked for the project. All old flooring tiles were removed and replaced with new ones across the house. Old wardrobes, lofts and kitchen fittings were torn down and replaced with newly crafted wardrobes, lofts and modular design kitchen units. Undulations on all walls were smoothed out and entire house was repainted.

The entire project took just under 3 months to complete (delivered on time just as promised) and we are extremely proud of the end result which, compared to how the house was before, is beyond recognition! Scroll down to see the results for yourself.


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