10 Brilliant Puja Unit Designs for Indian Homes

Every home in India has a designated space for performing puja and prayers. Either small shelf, wall cabinet or an elaborated room, depending on the space available. Utmost priority should be given in the development of a serene and tranquil environment.
Let\’s take a look at these Indian home puja units that resonate best with you.

Puja Unit Backdrop with Eye Catching Colors.
This Puja unit is designed for the people who have less storage requirements. The white color laminated unit at the base having a light dropping on the marble adds to the beauty of the unit. The yellow, grey and blue backdrop against the white shrine and the marble flooring induce an atmosphere of energy and positivity.

Temple style Puja Unit in small space
This is designed in the entrance of the kitchen looks integrated with the breakfast counter. A simple panel at the back and traditionally styled bells. Storage is a kept simple so that the focus can be created around the backdrop.

Puja Unit Integrated with Bookshelf and Seating Unit
This unit is designed in Veneer to maintain the grace and richness of the interiors of the house. The Grooves created at the backdrop looks stunning with brass idols. A large wall is fractionated to Bookshelf, Puja Unit and Seating storage.

Pooja Room With Intricate Detailing
This is designed in a best way to keep a pooja room design in tune with modern home interiors by incorporate detailing on the door of puja unit. The cutwork designs to make a jaali framework in a beautiful pattern on a white laminated door makes it interesting.

Elaborated Temple design with Modern Display Unit
Interior designer from Foyer2Attic Interiors quite often come with a challenge to unite ethnic roots with modern thoughts. This is one those examples where the modern display has adorn the beauty of the traditional temple style Puja Unit.

Roll It Up Puja Unit
Compact and tranquil, this small puja room with jali doors. This could be the best way to get more storage yet less worries of space. This Puja Unit Door is designed with roller blinds. Designer at Foyer2Attic has given the unique Idea for accommodating clients requirements and space available.

Puja Cum Crockery Unit
Combining two different units is never an easy task. Though interior designers from Foyer2Attic interiors takes up these challenges and executes the designs in such a beautiful way. This Puja unit design is designed for a modern home where they has used mostly white, blues and greys. Designer has kept it simple yet attracting by adding jali cut of God Ganesha\’s face which looks modern though has a spiritual feel in it.

Keep it Traditional
Another way to keep pooja room indubitably traditional is by adding carved columns to the backdrop with Yellow color Paint on the wall which is said to be favorite colors of goddess. The designated Puja room also has unique false ceiling with itched backlit glass on the top.

Backlite Corner Puja Unit
The interior designer at Foyer2Attic Interiors has designed a living room puja unit in a traditional Indian style by creating the space at the corner in best possible way to utilize the space. The Backlit pattern in this design makes the area more luxurious and more extravagant. This simple design pattern is making even the simplest puja unit out of the ordinary.

Let\’s collaborate and create another unique and beautiful Puja Unit design for your home interiors.
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