Trending Interior Designs

Trending Designs

Our Interior Designers at Foyer2Attic in Bangalore have been letting their creative juices flow lately like never before. There are some amazing designs which they have been churning out lately which are a treat for sore eyes. Let's have a first look into some designs which just might become part of your home in the near future... who knows!

A Walk In The Clouds - Kids Bedroom Design

Color Schemes Available

Glossy Laminate Wardrobe

Picture Perfect Room

Precision Ply Woodwork

Cloud Shaped False Ceiling

For those parents who suddenly became jealous looking at their Kid’s future room design given above, don’t fret because we have equally good Master Bedroom designs lined up for you.

One design we are particularly proud of is the one with a Cityscape style backlit headboard. We implemented it not very long ago for a client and it has turned out wonderfully well!

The other Master Bedroom design we are delighted to present is a white brick cladding background for the Bed. We encourage you to take the scene in with your very own eyes because words fall short when we try to describe the beautifully designed room.

Living & Dining With Grace

We have designed and implemented so many unique living and dining spaces that it would be difficult to showcase all of them in just one article. We promise to include some of our other designs in the upcoming blog posts. Here’s something for you to feast your eyes upon in the meantime.

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The interiors for this living room was designed and implemented exactly as per the design, right down to the motorcycle on the wall, in an apartment at Rohan Iksha Apartments, Bangalore. Truly a sight to behold!

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Full Length Glass Wardrobes - Our Specialty

Everyone in the interior design industry knows how difficult it is to build a full length glass wardrobe from scratch. Most interior companies shy away from offering this option due to the risk of loss involved. Not us. We offer this with confidence since we have implemented these wardrobes in countless projects.

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