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Industrial Edge

A design style takes advantage of exposed steel, timber and brick to create an edgy living space that’s full of characters with a sensible and rustic feel. Proper detailing, comfortable couches, beautiful light fixtures and pop of reds into a space with a complementing brick wall , a TV unit with stone wall cladding and steel paneling adding a contemporary touch , small picture wall helping in personalize the space.
A proper distribution of exposed and natural materials to have a modern contemporary feel.


The design truly express the Hollywood regency with glitz and glamour. Marilyn monroe picture with red and gold gives a attractive luxury feel. And yes the bar with white marble and gold is an add on catchy …
Enjoy the Luxury glam with Marilyn monroe ….

Do you like this design? Get in touch for your home interior design requirements in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and beyond. Our interior design office is in Bangalore but we execute projects across India.

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Foyer2Attic Shop – Coming Soon!

Foyer2Attic Interiors announces launch of a curated shopping section on its website. We plan to bring to you unprecedented designer decor elements for your home. You will never find another piece of what we will offer. Be it sofas or floor lamps or lighting elements or paintings or any decor element for that matter. Every piece will be fresh and new. Get ready! We are starting with an unique range of sofas in the coming few days and we will be introducing new product categories in the coming months.

Creative ideas to Enhance your Interiors

Have a look at some decoupage items we have created recently. We are going to hold workshops to teach you the art of decoupage in the near future. Get in touch with us to discover the many uses of the art of decoupage in giving your home interiors that unique human touch which no piece of ready made furniture can ever give. Decoupage can be used on a variety of surfaces including but not limited to wood, laminate, veneer, glass and more!

We have a strong network with people who carry out personalized art and craft work in the interior design space.

Decoupage items can lend an unique touch to home interiors. We are based out of Bangalore. Get in touch with us for your interior design requirements.

Re-define your traditional pooja room designs with modern touch

Designing a Pooja Room is not an easy task! Many interior designers end up copying old designs simply because a Pooja Room is inherently traditional in design regardless of how the rest of the home looks and feels. Foyer2Attic stands out in this regard because we use a mix of traditional and modern styles while designing yours, ensuring that your Pooja Room blends seamlessly with rest of the interiors of your home.

Take this Pooja room for example. It is a place which creates a sacred and auspicious environment for the entire house. The Blue grey and yellow stone focal wall adds elegance to the room. The white colour units make it look modern yet peaceful.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

Foyer2Attic Interior Designers, based out of Bangalore, creates unique designs for every home. We ensure that your home interiors look like no other home you have ever seen. How you ask? The concept is simple really. There is no other person like you and there\’s no other family quite like yours. Our design process takes your family\’s persona into account while designing your home, ensuring that what you get is \”YOUR Dream Space, Designed For YOU\”!

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Classic Traditional

Enjoy simplicity , sophistication , symmetry and reliability of traditional style interiors. This is a classic traditional living room design brought to you by Foyer2Attic Interior Designers in Bangalore. Every element of this beautiful living room has been designed by me. This is a design for an upcoming project being done by us.

The interior designers in our office at Whitefield, Bangalore have been churning out some great designs lately. We do end to end design and execution projects (turnkey projects) in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. We are open to carry out projects across India. Our team of interior designers and carpenters travel to any place in India to make your dream home come true. Your home interiors done by us comes with a 5 year warranty and you can be rest assured that you get only the best material promised by us by visiting the factory in which your plywood and laminates are made ready.

We create each home\’s look and feel from scratch so that each home is unique and reflects the persona of its owners. When you come to Foyer2Attic Interiors, you can be rest assured that your home will be like no other home you have ever seen before. That\’s our guarantee to you. Check out our portfolio for and blog section to see some truly unique homes we have created lately. We have designed and executed over 250 interiors projects since 2011 and we are proud to say that our rating has always been over 4.5 out of 5 ever since. No wonder our clients have nothing but good words to say about us. We pride ourselves in providing unique homes, month after month, year after year. Our philosophy has always been to use a combination of factory and carpenter finish to get a look which you can never get with modular interior providers.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

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Eclectic Bedroom Design

Eclectic Bedroom Design for a Marvel fan. One of a kind bedroom interiors coming up soon at a home in Bangalore. Traveling to the Marvel Universe is no longer a dream.

This is just one of the countless amazing bedroom designs we have created with many more on the way. Our designs are unique. Every single time. We do not repeat any of our designs in any of our projects. Each and every home\’s interiors are an a natural extension of the owners\’ personas.

Foyer2Attic Interiors has made a name for itself in the interior design space. We are based out of Whitefield, Bangalore but we have designed and executed turnkey interior projects in places like Pune, Nasik, Chennai, Bangalore and as far as Bhubaneswar too! 80% of our projects have been through referrals by existing clients and we are very proud of this fact since it shows how satisfactory our work is and how satisfied our clients are.

Some interior design companies may promise you delivery in 45 days. We don\’t because we know quality takes time and effort. We deliver within 60-90 days depending on size of the project. What sets us apart is the personal touch we provide at each and every step of the project. Right from choosing laminates / material for your woodwork to choosing the name plate on your front door and every decor item in between including lights, fans, paintings, wall paint etc.

Need an eclectic bedroom design just like this? Look no further. Foyer2Attic Interiors is here to help you realize the bedroom of your dreams. Explore rest of our website for kitchen designs, living rooms, bathrooms, decor elements and much more which we have implemented in our past projects. No client has ever walked away disappointed from us and our Google reviews and ratings reflect this fact.

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