Santhy and Rajeev live in a beautiful bungalow in a quiet residential locality in Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore. Having seen the interiors of one of our completed projects at their friend’s home, they were inspired to give a fresh twist to their home. They were impressed by the designs done by us and our professionalism which their friends vouched for.

Our team was equally enthused to take up this home renovation work. We remodelled the entire home around the existing structure and gave a contemporary look to it.

Area under staircase


The designers gave a well thought out design to make it look more attractive by giving a pebble unit under the staircase with lights and planters, which serves the purpose of creating a focal element without making it look cluttered.

The staircase wall was earlier highlighted with a different colour in a narrow space, making it look imbalanced. And the space under the staircase was not utilised in an aesthetic manner.


Living Room


The goal was to make it look modern and spacious. The sofa here is inspired from Mid Modern Century which is sleek yet elegant. The rafters coming from the ceiling are adding up to the beauty of the room. The wallpaper behind the TV has a look of stone which is complementing the entire space.

The oversized loose furniture was making it look cluttered and white walls of the living room were looking bland and not so attractive.




What we were able to bring to this space was a certain harmony in terms of storage space, ventilation, lighting, layout and look & feel.

The kitchen had a classic wooden look which was not in line with the times in terms of look and functionality. 


The Renovated Kitchen

This state-of-the-art renovated modular kitchen is a pleasure to work in. The tall unit features in-built appliances namely microwave and OTG, apart from storage space above and below.

We were able to salvage enough storage space for all that this family wanted to store. Perfect example of how to optimize storage space in a compact kitchen!