Shobha & Ramkumar\’s Home, Sobha City

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Shobha and Ramkumar have a closely knit family and they like all things bright, colorful and cheerful. They have two energetic young boys. This is their second home and they wanted their home to reflect their outlook towards life. Let\’s walk you through their home now.

Foyer, Living, Dining and Kitchen

The Foyer was given a stone cladding treatment with spotlights on a ledge above a shoe rack which provides ample space for storing footwear. The spotlights highlight the beautiful stone cladding, which stands out as a prominent element as soon as you enter the home.

The Living Room has a warm cozy feeling to it with a comfortable sofa set which goes along with rest of the decor. The false ceiling provides uniform lighting to the whole living and dining area.

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The dining area features an exquisitely handcrafted crockery unit against an accentuated wall. For the kitchen, it took considerable time, effort and scouring through numerous catalogs to get just the right shades of green and blue which Shobha wanted for the kitchen but we are happy that in the end the kitchen turned out exactly as Shobha had envisaged.

Next to the dining area is the Puja room which houses a beautifully made Puja unit. The highlight of the room is the artistic frosted glass with back lighting on top of the Puja unit.


The master bedroom looks exquisite with the dual tone Purple and White wardrobes and lofts. The unique arrangement of spotlights gives an artistic look to the space. The TV unit features a backlit wooden panel.

The kids bedroom reflects the bright nature and energetic enthusiasm of the couple\’s two young boys. The ceiling is covered with radium decals which look absolutely gorgeous in the night with lights turned off.

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