Subhashree & Kaushik\’s Home – Ahad Euphoria

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Subhasree and Kaushik are a young energetic working couple with a toddler at home. The colors and theme used in designing their home interiors reflect their cheerful and bright nature.

Entrance & Living Room

The entrance to the house features a beautiful CNC cut partition to the left side which provides a Foyer effect and separates the entrance from the dining area. A light colored shoe rack on the right side of the entrance provides just the right amount of storage space for the couple without cramping up the space.

The TV unit features a large back-lit wooden panel onto which the TV is mounted. A sleek cabinet at the bottom provides ample space to house electronics, CDs and more. The TV unit is minimalist yet holds attention in the living room. A false ceiling provides ample lighting for this area and serves the purpose of separating the living and dining areas. The tastefully chosen L-shaped sofa and curtains complete the living room setup.

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Dining Area & Kitchen

The prominent features of the dining area are a beautifully crafted puja unit against a stunning stone wall cladding backdrop on one side and a tall storage unit next to the washbasin on the other side, apart from the compact storage space provided under the washbasin.

The colors chosen for the kitchen cabinets and fixtures lend a bright sunny feel to the space, which makes it a pleasure to work in.

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The bedrooms have been provided with ample storage space in the form of sliding door wardrobes with loft and full length mirrors. Each of the two bedrooms have been given different color themes. Both bedrooms feature a study table.

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