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Eclectic Bedroom Design

Eclectic Bedroom Design for a Marvel fan. One of a kind bedroom interiors coming up soon at a home in Bangalore. Traveling to the Marvel Universe is no longer a dream.

This is just one of the countless amazing bedroom designs we have created with many more on the way. Our designs are unique. Every single time. We do not repeat any of our designs in any of our projects. Each and every home\’s interiors are an a natural extension of the owners\’ personas.

Foyer2Attic Interiors has made a name for itself in the interior design space. We are based out of Whitefield, Bangalore but we have designed and executed turnkey interior projects in places like Pune, Nasik, Chennai, Bangalore and as far as Bhubaneswar too! 80% of our projects have been through referrals by existing clients and we are very proud of this fact since it shows how satisfactory our work is and how satisfied our clients are.

Some interior design companies may promise you delivery in 45 days. We don\’t because we know quality takes time and effort. We deliver within 60-90 days depending on size of the project. What sets us apart is the personal touch we provide at each and every step of the project. Right from choosing laminates / material for your woodwork to choosing the name plate on your front door and every decor item in between including lights, fans, paintings, wall paint etc.

Need an eclectic bedroom design just like this? Look no further. Foyer2Attic Interiors is here to help you realize the bedroom of your dreams. Explore rest of our website for kitchen designs, living rooms, bathrooms, decor elements and much more which we have implemented in our past projects. No client has ever walked away disappointed from us and our Google reviews and ratings reflect this fact.

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Rekha & Mohan\’s Home

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We finalized on a subtle Indian Peacock theme for Rekha and Mohan, which reflects their bright and cheerful attitude towards life. Read on to find out how we transformed their house into a home they love getting back to every time they step out.

Living & Dining

Full stretch of the living and dining area wall was given a texture paint treatment in Peacock Blue colour to give the large space a bright royal look. A CNC cut partition demarcates the living and dining areas. A false ceiling stretching across the ceiling, covering both living and dining areas, provides ample uniform lighting to the whole space. The bright coloured sofa complements the textured wall and stands out in contrast. The TV unit and Dining Table complete the look of the space.

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Puja Unit, Kitchen and Passage

A beautiful tall puja unit adorns the space between the dining and kitchen. A tall unit in the kitchen houses a microwave oven and shelves in it provide ample storage space. The passage to the master bedroom has been exquisitely crafted with stone cladding and ledge with spotlights.

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The wardrobes in the bedrooms were existing before we took up the project. We added a few more units to complete the look of the bedrooms.

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