Scandinavian living room

The most desirable living room designs are usually the ones that exude a natural and casual confidence. They are simple designs effortlessly put together with few furniture and perfectly placed accents.
A Scandinavian Living room effortlessly designed with a touch of uniqueness by adding neon chairs , brick wall cladding , funky carpet and the hanging lamp on both the sides .


The less you have, the more comfortable and spacious you feel…
A modern Minimalist style living room with a couch and a bar with a city view to relax their evening for the simple but best people.
Have an easy-peasy minimalist living room…

Industrial Edge

A design style takes advantage of exposed steel, timber and brick to create an edgy living space that’s full of characters with a sensible and rustic feel. Proper detailing, comfortable couches, beautiful light fixtures and pop of reds into a space with a complementing brick wall , a TV unit with stone wall cladding and steel paneling adding a contemporary touch , small picture wall helping in personalize the space.
A proper distribution of exposed and natural materials to have a modern contemporary feel.