10 Joyful Wardrobe Designs for Kids Room

Kids room design is the most exciting space in the House. That’s because the options are endless, the style can change with each age group, and much of the design is driven by the individual kids taste and needs! From their toys, games, and books to their ever-changing wardrobes in multiple sizes, kids come with a lot of stuff.
Let\’s take a tour of different looks of the wardrobes that can be achieved with our designers.

Combination of Colors: Cerulean blue brings in the image of frothy waves that come forth on a beautiful beach. When this pleasant color is combined with the subdued smoky grey and saffron yellow color, the wardrobe with sliding shutters looks amazing. The material used for building the shutters is reflective glass that brings in a very attractive finish.
Princess Paradise: \”Pink\” Color of Princess. Choosing kids favorite colors is the idea to create this quintessential castle room with subtle wardrobe design. The wardrobe can be simple yet made focal point of the room by adding the name of the kid on the shutters. Long Wooden Handles are ease of use for a any age group.
\”One for Marvel Fans\” : These high glossy panels are laminated with Captain America\’s shield design, the niche is created to keep miniatures of other avengers too. Blue Color depicts stability, inspiration, wisdom and reliability as a personalities of Marvel Heroes.
Touch of Orange Lilies with Ivory Peonies: This design is done in such a way that it is aligning all the elements in a room, so that the room looks elegant. However, this design brings the cupboard and the study table together in a cohesive manner. The linen finish laminate is bringing charm to the wardrobe.
House of Colors: Adding multiple colors within the wardrobe design, It works as a strong design element in a white bedroom. The shutters are designed in such a way that it appears to be a home roof. The kids love vibrant colors such as yellow, orange and green which keep them fresh and active whole day.
Pastel Panache : The neoclassic molding designs with big Circular knobs can look so debonair and lavish. The designer has achieved a chic and modern girl\’s room by bringing in pops of pastel colors giving the space an enchanted princess feel.
Cityscape: The feel of city with half moon is carved on the matte panels. The color scheme is been inspired from a Disney Princess Elsa\’s Frozen, which portrays that blue cannot associated only as Boy\’s color.
A Cozy Nook: A simple wardrobe with Open Box Storage to fill up with toys and sundry creativity materials leaves lots of room to jump around and have long conversation with hordes of stuffed toys
Crisscross: This kids wardrobe perfect example of outstanding and unparalleled design.
White Canvas with splashes of colors: This white wardrobe design is very well-designed and suitable for a kid’s bedroom. This wardrobe adds a fresh touch and will also work as a perfect storing option. The colorful knobs goes well with the wardrobe panels.

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