Trending Interior Designs

Trending Designs

Our Interior Designers at Foyer2Attic in Bangalore have been letting their creative juices flow lately like never before. There are some amazing designs which they have been churning out lately which are a treat for sore eyes. Let\’s have a first look into some designs which just might become part of your home in the near future… who knows!

A Walk In The Clouds – Kids Bedroom Design

Color Schemes Available

Glossy Laminate Wardrobe

Picture Perfect Room

Precision Ply Woodwork

Cloud Shaped False Ceiling

For those parents who suddenly became jealous looking at their Kid\’s future room design given above, don\’t fret because we have equally good Master Bedroom designs lined up for you.

One design we are particularly proud of is the one with a Cityscape style backlit headboard. We implemented it not very long ago for a client and it has turned out wonderfully well!

The other Master Bedroom design we are delighted to present is a white brick cladding background for the Bed. We encourage you to take the scene in with your very own eyes because words fall short when we try to describe the beautifully designed room.


Living & Dining With Grace

We have designed and implemented so many unique living and dining spaces that it would be difficult to showcase all of them in just one article. We promise to include some of our other designs in the upcoming blog posts. Here\’s something for you to feast your eyes upon in the meantime.

Don\’t scroll too fast!
You just might miss the view

The interiors for this living room was designed and implemented exactly as per the design, right down to the motorcycle on the wall, in an apartment at Rohan Iksha Apartments, Bangalore. Truly a sight to behold!

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Everyone in the interior design industry knows how difficult it is to build a full length glass wardrobe from scratch. Most interior companies shy away from offering this option due to the risk of loss involved. Not us. We offer this with confidence since we have implemented these wardrobes in countless projects.

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Preeti and Sudipto\’s Nest

The busy software professionals and young couple, Preeti and Sudipto, wanted to create a safe haven for themselves and their daughter where they can relax and spend some cozy family time together. The expert interior designers of Foyer2Attic stepped in to help them design their dream home at SJR Fiesta Homes located in Electronic City Phase 2, Bangalore. Our designers took time to understand their requirement and put sincere effort to create their dream space which reflects their true self. Let’s get inside and have a look now.


The Main door of the apartment opens into the foyer area, which is neatly done with stepped style wooden cabinets providing ample storage space for shoes and other items. Two wall mounted cabinets and the wooden panel on the wall above gives a neat look providing room for decorating with indoor plants and other show pieces. A fancy light hanging from the ceiling, a wall hanging, a painting on the wall and a flower vase on top of the shoe cabinet complete the simplistic look of the foyer. Our interior designers hand picked every single item that is used to decorate this space.

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Living Room

The Foyer leads straight to the living area which is a cozy yet bright and airy room with a light gray couch livened up by printed cushions. Light colour of the walls, combination of sheer curtains having light solid colour & a simple pattern, a few pieces of furniture and other natural elements like indoor plants create a relaxed look. The TV unit in the living area instantly draws attention by its smart design. It has been extended in an L shape to form a Puja room with glass doors and small racks & drawers to display photo frames and other decorative items. A soft area rug has been placed on the floor which complements the walls of the living room.

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To the left of the foyer is the kitchen space which combines elegance and functionality. The wooden panel and the breakfast bar at the entrance of the kitchen are the first things that draw one’s attention. The soothing sea green and white combination cabinets along with the grey and white diamond patterned backsplash make it even more welcoming. The extended part of the kitchen, which is also called the utility room, has been done with the same colour combination as that of the main kitchen area and our designers have taken utmost care of each and every detail to make it look neat and well organized. The stud lights on the ceiling, a big round hanging color changing mood light on top of the breakfast bar, the painting on the adjacent wall of the bar and the small potted plants kept on top of the counter complete the fresh and lively ambiance of the kitchen area. The kitchen stands testimony to what interior designers can do to transform an otherwise ordinary space into something that is a treat to the eyes.

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Dining Space

The dining space in this home is well connected with the kitchen and the living area providing room for interaction. A six sitter dining table has been set right in front of the breakfast bar and a multicolored area rug has been placed beneath it to define and add depth to the space. A sideboard with ample storage space for crockery and other essential items has been kept by the wall adjacent to the kitchen, in straight line with the dining table. The simple woodwork done around the wash basin at the corner of the dining space looks chic. A round designer mirror and a clock have been used as wall decor. The decor of this room has been kept minimal creating a calm and sober ambiance.

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Master Bedroom

Master bedroom has been kept simple and sober with comforting neutrals. A custom made cupboard with adequate storage space has been placed on the wall just beside the door of the room and a dressing mirror with mini storage for cosmetics has been hung to complete the overall look and requirement of the room.

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Second Bedroom

The second bedroom has been done in the same way as the Master bedroom. Here too a custom made Cupboard with attached dressing table and mirror has been created in brown and light grey plywood and laminated material.

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Study cum Play Room

Our client wanted to maintain a synergy in their entire house. Hence a neutral palette has been used for the walls and furniture in the study cum play room too. This room has been designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the needs of both kids and adults at home. The young child needs her own space for recreational activities and studies and adults need a space to work from the comfort of their home. Keeping this in mind, the third room has been converted to a Study cum Play room. A comfortable seating area has been created just beneath the window of the room with ample storage space encompassing the seating bench. This area can be used by the kid for recreational purpose like reading story books, or playing with toys. A colourful blind on the window has added a pop of colour to this cute, cozy space. On the other side of the room a clean and contemporary study/office space has been created, providing ample space for laptops, books etc.  The space above the study unit has been well utilized by displaying all the stuffed toys of the house adding a splash of colour and texture to the space. Our interior designers are particularly proud of how their little daughter just loves this space.

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Article by Foyer2Attic Interiors. We are an interior design firm based out of Bangalore. Our design only services are pan India and we take up turnkey projects anywhere in India. Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 9902018147 for inquiries.

Ashitha and Albin\’s Home

“A HOUSE is made of walls & beams,
A HOME is built with love & dreams\”

Welcome to the HOME of Ashitha and Albin! This young couple dreamt to have a cozy place to call their own and our designers helped the owners make the most of the available space. A two story independent house at Electronic city, Bangalore has now been transformed into a contemporary and spacious heaven by the interior designers of Foyer2Attic. Let\’s get inside their home and have a look now.

Living Area

As there is no foyer and the front door opens into the living area, it has to be guest ready. Hence the living area has been kept simple and clutter free with minimum furniture and decoratives. The false ceiling with concealed light fixtures and LED stud lights, provide uniform lighting to the living room. The TV console on the solid wall of the living area communicates an easy elegance. The sectional sofa and the sleek coffee table in the middle add to the comfort and style. The bright blue window curtains are used to liven up the living area making it look more welcoming. Also another element that has enhanced the visual charm of the room is the room divider partition which itself is a perfect decorative element with a touch of elegance and classy designer look.

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Dining Area

The dining area of this home is the extension of the living space. Though for the past decade, open concept homes have increased in popularity but our client wanted their area to have more privacy. So our interior designers decided to create and enhance the dining space by using wall partition. For the wall partition, plywood has been used with glossy white laminates for the columns and brown laminates for the box shaped shelves, which can freely display photo frames, small plants and other collections. A six sitter wooden dining table set has been placed just beside the partition wall. A buffet sideboard has been placed on the wall opposite to store extra plates and other dining room essentials. On top of the sideboard, an elegantly designed crockery unit with LED spotlights provide ample storage space to display the special occasion crockeries. And the LED stud lights on the false ceiling together with the concealed light fixtures makes this dining area looks quite inviting.

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The kitchen looks spacious and classy with its laminated finish in white, beige and brown. The wooden panel across the kitchen entrance and the beautifully done breakfast counter that separates the kitchen from the adjacent dining area provide visual texture and appeal to the room. The breakfast counter can be used as an extra space where food can be placed during get-together and it’s also the best spot to grab a quick bite. It also has storage space in it.  The middle section of the breakfast counter is made with fiber glass with LED strip lighting behind. Also the hanging LED lights over the counter lends a touch of class to the space. This compact kitchen, features ample space for cabinets and open shelves along two walls. The other wall has been utilized for placing the refrigerator. The spotlights in the open shelf beneath the wall cabinet illuminates the corner.

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Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is in the main floor itself, adjacent to the kitchen. As it is a small sized room, our client wanted it to be simple yet welcoming. Hence our designers chose to create a modern minimalist guest room with a double bed and a cupboard and have used shades of blue and white colours in the cupboard, curtains and bedding to complement the white walls of the room. The door that opens – up to the room also looks unique.

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Space Under the Staircase

The space below the staircase that leads to the first floor has been cleverly used by our interior designers by creating functional storage spaces which can provide a way to hide unsightly items. Also a wash basin unit has been installed in that small space adding a classy look to the corner.

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Family Room

Today’s living room has become smaller and more formal, while the family room has become the perfect place for lazy weekend afternoons, movie nights and entertaining friends. This family room on the first floor has been designed keeping in mind the similar need of our client. The design has been kept simple and the earthy colours look sophisticated and add warmth to the cozy family entertainment room. A cozy, sectional sofa, a TV console and a designer wall mounted shelf in the corner completes the look.

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Kid\’s Bedroom

Our client wanted to keep things simple for their 10 year old kid’s room. They wanted to design something which would be able to grow with him over the years.  Hence our designers chose gender neutral design for the kid’s bedroom.  The room has been given a monochromatic look with subtle grays and off whites. This timeless colour combination itself is effortlessly stylish and ensures longevity. To punctuate the scheme and add brightness to the room, multicolored bedding has been used.  Lots of storage space has been created to keep the room clutter free.  A study table with wall mounted open and closed shelves has also been created in one of the corners of the room making it a sweet sanctuary for the kid.

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Master Bedroom

Soothing neutrals and comforting patterns give this master bedroom a restful ambience. The different elements of this room like the bed, mirrored dressing table, work desk,  sitting bench with storage and the cupboards have been well coordinated giving this room a touch of sophistication without being too formal.

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Additional Room

Provision for an additional room has also been kept to accommodate extra guests. Monochrome style has been maintained here too that looks simple and elegant. Room is well equipped with a double sized bed, cupboards with dressing mirror and a work desk unit at the corner of the room.

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The corridor space in between the rooms has been beautifully designed using a big round designer mirror and a wooden cabinet has been installed to maximize the storage space. It can also be used as the mobile charging station.

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3D Design Renders – Swati & Amit\’s Home

We are proud to present our 3D renders for an Interior Design project we completed recently at Regal Urban Prelude, Medahalli, Bangalore. Our 3D designers did an excellent job of creating these beautiful renders. Do have a look at the gorgeous visual treats!

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You can have a look at the end result in the following post where we have presented actual on-site photographs:

Article posted by Foyer2Attic Interior Decorators, Bangalore

Swati & Amit\’s Home – Regal Urban Prelude, Medahalli, Bangalore


\”This is our first home and Madhu did a very good job in designing it. She was patient enough to understand our requirements and her timely suggestions helped us to choose right things for our home. She guided us to select laminates, lights, wallpapers  and every minute things we required. Dedication shown by her entire team, especially towards the end for timely delivery was amazing. I definitely recommend Madhu and her team to everyone who is looking for getting their home interiors done.\”

– Swati & Amit


This was an end to end interior design and execution project which we took up for a 2 BHK @ Regal Urban Predule, Medahalli, Bangalore.

The design phase of the project ensured a home that was aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, which is exactly what Swati and Amit had in mind. Let\’s walk you through this home now.

Foyer area

Rafters on the ceiling with spotlights, stone cladding on the far wall, polished wooden jam line panels around the window and the entrance to the living room combined together to give the foyer a regal look.

A stepped style shoe cabinet, artwork along with a wooden ledge with spotlights and choice of colors for the laminate and the stone wall ensure that the rectangular foyer area does not feel cramped while providing ample storage space at the same time.

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Living Room

A minimalist yet elegant TV unit with a bottom unit, ledge on top and two ledge units in between is the highlight of the living room.

A corner stand, artwork on the wall opposite the entrance and elegant ledges on the smaller wall give the living room a classy look. The curtains on the large window and blinds on the smaller window complement rest of the room decor.

The false ceiling, with concealed light fixtures and LED cove lights, provides uniform lighting to the living room.

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Dining Area

An elegant crockery unit with LED spotlights provides ample storage space in the bottom unit as well as space to display artifacts in the top unit. The wall behind the crockery unit was given a beautiful texture paint treatment.

The dining area with hanging lights, an artistic wall mirror and warm wall lights provides a beautiful hangout space for the family. The Puja Unit adjoining the kitchen is a sight for sore eyes.

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The kitchen features ample loft space for storage on top & drawers, bottle pullout and wicker baskets for storage in the bottom units. The wall storage units on either side of the chimney provide storage space for daily consumables. The choice of laminate colors and quartz for the kitchen gives it an open airy look.

The tall unit on the left hand side with a shutter that slides up provides ample space for other electrical appliances.

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Master Bedroom

An elegantly crafted dual tone wardrobe with loft stands tall and gives an elegant look. A full length mirror with ledges on the side adorns the right side wall. Texture paint with stencil art along with carefully chosen light fixtures give the bedroom a warm welcoming look.

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Guest Bedroom

A beautifully crafted chest of drawers and a ledge with spotlights greet you at the entrance to the guest bedroom, making you wonder what lies beyond.

The red colored false ceiling with ceiling lights and a hanging light on the left gives the room an unique look. The room features a dual tone wardrobe and a study unit in the corner. The bright wallpaper and the window blinds complete the look of the room.

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Article published by Foyer2Attic Interior Designers Bangalore

Wall cladding ideas

Looking for a trendy wall cladding for your home? Foyer2Attic Interior Designers based out of Bangalore has you covered.

Wall cladding is trending in India as a relatively inexpensive way to quickly transform a space to give it an appealing earthy feel. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Read on to find out more. Want us to transform your home by giving it a new dimension with a wall cladding? Contact us to get our team to do it for you! Our partner for procuring stone cladding tiles is Terracon in Bangalore.


Wall cladding is a decorative covering made of real or simulated stone and is used to cover walls made of concrete. Materials used for cladding can be natural stones like granite, sandstone, slate or materials that look like natural stone and are light in weight, like thin stone veneer sheets. Available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, stone wall cladding is a sure way of adding elegance and a sense of history to your home. Not just that, it acts as a protective covering on walls and also aids in insulation or maintaining the temperature of your home. It can be used to enhance any setting, big or small, to make it visually appealing.

Exposed Brick Wall Cladding

An exposed brick wall cladding adds an earthy dimension to any room where it is placed. It is recommended to add mood lights to accentuate the texture and warm tones of the cladding. Here, the brick wall cladding stands out beautifully in an otherwise white bedroom, thereby highlighting the backdrop of the bed.


White stone cladding

A wall cladded with white stone serves the purpose of giving texture to a highlight wall used as a backdrop for paintings or a fireplace. A wall like this stands out on its own but seemingly inconspicuous against the darker elements mounted on it. A treat to the eyes!


Ledgestone Tiles Cladding

Ledgestone tiles are a stacked arrangement of stone tiles of varying color, width and height. The thin, rectangular pieces of tiles are cladded onto a wall to give it a beautiful asymmetrical contemporary look. Rough ledgestone tiles work as a wonderful contrast on a wall behind streamlined furniture and fittings. In recent trends, demand for rough ledgestone walls have extended beyond the hall or bedroom to bathrooms as well.


Outdoors Stone Cladding

Installing stone cladding on exterior walls instantly transforms a drab exterior into a facade with an old world charm. Exterior stone cladding are very popular in Indian villas these days.


Article posted by: Foyer2Attic Interior Designers Bangalore.

Know everything about Plywood

There are a variety of ways in which plywood is classified and these classifications are usually based on the different aspects of plywood such as the wood used, the number of plies it has, its suitability for indoor and outdoor use, its grading as per quality specifications, and its intended uses.

In this article we will have a detailed look at the different types of plywood available. This article will be of interest to you regardless of whether you are an interior designer or someone who is looking to get your home / office interiors done in the near future.

How shopkeepers classify plywood

If you visit any of the plywood shops in your locality and ask for the types of plywood available, the most likely answer that you can expect to get is that there are two types, commercial and marine. Some dealers also will say that there are waterproof types available.

Interior and Exterior Grade plywood

As the names suggest, interior grade plywood is meant for indoor use, while exterior grade is waterproof and can be used outdoors. The most common type of plywood that is used for making furniture for our homes and offices is Commercial plywood (which is Interior MR grade). The acronym \’MR\’ stands for \’Moisture resistant\’.

BWP (Boiling Water Proof)or BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) plywoods are called exterior grade plywoods. They are made using phenolic resins and are adequately waterproof.

Commercial, Waterproof, and Marine Grade

When dealers in India say Commercial ply, they mean MR grade, and when they say \’Water proof plywood\’ what they generally mean by that is BWP/BWR grade plywood. However there are many shopkeepers as well as interior designers who often refer to BWP/BWR grade plywood as \’Marine ply\’ as this has become sort of a naming convention in the plywood market. (however technically speaking this is incorrect, since the actual \’Marine grade plywood\’ is different from BWP/BWR grade waterproof plywood. Its of a superior quality and used in marine applications).

The Indian Standards quality specification for all these so-called commercial plywoods is detailed in the document IS: 303. Plywood companies that have a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification are allowed to have the ISI mark printed on their plywood sheets. The IS specification number has to be printed above the ISI mark, and the CM/L number (Unique Licence Number)is printed below the mark.

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is of a superior quality compared to Commercial ply and it is also costs a lot more. It is not usually used for indoor applications such as for making furniture. It is rather used for applications such as for boat building and other industrial uses where the plywood is bound to get a prolonged exposure to water.

For making furniture, commercial plywood is usually sufficient.(BWP/BWR resist water better than MR types. So for kitchen furniture using BWP/BWR is quite common). For furniture that is unlikely to get wet, MR grade ply is usually good enough.

The Indian Standards quality specifications for marine type of plywood are described in the standards document IS: 710.

Types of plywood based on the type of wood used

Generally hardwood is used for making plywood, because it is stronger and more durable, however some manufacturers may also use softwood for making lower cost plywoods. Still other manufacturers can use a combination of both woods, with some wood veneers of hardwood and others of softwood.

Hardwood Plywood

For example made from teak wood, or gurjan wood or birch wood. If all the veneers used in making the plywood have been obtained from hardwood trees it will be termed as 100% hardwood plywood and its cost will be higher.

Softwood Plywood

For example made from woods like cedar, SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir) or Mango wood.

Categorization based on the particular wood (tree) used in its making.

For example:

Gurjan plywood

Teak plywood

Redwood plywood

SPF Plywood

More terminology and usage based classifications

MR grade: Moisture Resistant

The most common type of plywood used for indoor furniture. Note that moisture resistant does not mean water proof. It only means that the plywood can resist a certain amount of humidity or dampness.

BWR and BWP grades

The BWP (Boiling Water proof) grade is generally used to indicate grade of External grade blockboards (which are different from plywood and consist of blocks of softwood at the core) and BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade is used to indicate External grade plywood. Both these naming conventions BWP and BWR mean almost the same thing in terms of quality. Such types of plywood can be called adequately water-proof for most furniture requirements.

Flexible Plywood:

Also called \’flexi ply\’ in India. In some countries such as US, it is also known by another name \’bendy ply\’. This type of plywood is not stiff and can be easily rolled up. Useful for creating rounded shapes in furniture.

FR grade: Fire Retardant

Used in places where fire risks have to be reduced such as in the case of public theatres, malls or shopping complexes, restaurant kitchens and the like. The surface of this type of plywood is treated with chemicals that delay the burning process of wood (hence called fire retardant). Indian standards document number IS: 5509-1980 has detailed quality specifications for this type.

Marine grade: Marine Grade Plywood

Commonly used for marine applications such as in the construction of boats and ships. Has better resistance to water than any other type of plywood. Indian Standard specifications for marine ply are detailed in the IS document number IS: 710

Termite-Resistant and Borer-proof

As the name suggests, offers protection from external pests that can destroy the wood.

Structural Plywood

Suitable for construction applications where structural stability is required. Quality specifications detailed in document IS: 10701

Concrete Shuttering Plywood

Used in building construction work to create the wooden moulds into which concrete will be case. Hence called concrete shuttering plywood. Can be reused several times before being discarded or used for other purposes. Indian standards specified in IS: 848-1974

Film-faced shuttering plywood has a shiny phenolic film over the surface, so that the concrete does not stick to the plywood, and the dampness does not damage the ply.

Classification of plywood based on size, thickness and number of plies

Plywood sheets are made by bonding several individual wood veneers (plies) together. Veneers are thin layers of wood usually obtained by rotary cutting timber logs obtained from trees. Rotary cut means that the logs are rotated along their longitudinal axis using machines, and a cutter peels layers (slices) from the log while it is being rotated. These thin slices of wood (called veneers) are then pressed and bonded together using phenolic resins.

A plywood sheet is made up of at least 3 veneers (plies) if not more.

For example:

3 ply

5 ply

13 ply etc.

(Number of plies are always an odd number)

When more number of veneers are used, the thickness as well as the cost of the plywood increases.



16 mm ply

18 mm ply

19 mm ply etc.


Standard size sheets are manufactured by most manufacturers across India. While thickness is usually measured in mm (metric system), the prevalent naming convention for sheet sizes is still in feet. Prices are also based on cost per sq.foot.

Sizes of the sheets:

6 x 4 sheet (6 feet by 4 feet)

8 x 4 sheet (8 feet by 4 feet) etc.

Ways in which Plywood is decorated



Decorative Laminates such as Sunmica or others (which are actually a blend of paper and plastic) are glued over the plywood surfaces. Laminates are available in a very wide variety of colours, patterns and textures, and is the most common way of decorating plywood furniture and panels.


Paint has for long been a way of protecting wood and increasing its beauty. It is a low-cost alternative to laminates or veneers and a large choice of wood colours are available.


Wood Polish is usually used on wooden furniture that is made of quality hardwoods such as teak, however polishing plywood is not uncommon. Carpenters often use wood polish (of darker colours) on some parts of furniture (such as the underside of tables and the inside planks of single and double beds).


Wood veneers are thin slices/sheets of quality woods such as teak, which can be glued over the plywood surface to increase its beauty and make it look richer. Most casual observers cannot differentiate between a piece of solid teakwood furniture and one that simply has a teak veneer on the outside. Veneers are usually the costliest way of decorating plywood.


Classification of plywoods based on Indian Standards specification number


IS: 303 – MR Plywood, BWP/BWR Plywood, Flexi Ply

IS: 710 – Marine Plywood

IS: 10701 – Structural plywood

IS: 5509-1980 – Fire Retardant Plywood

IS: 4990 – Shuttering Plywood

Company Branded plywood vs. locally made brands of plywood

The laminates and plywood market in India still has a very large unorganized sector. This consists of many small-scale plywood manufacturers making plywood sheets and selling it to the local market. The bigger reputed plywood companies manufacture most of the types of plywood, while the local brands mainly focus on Commercial MR grade plywood. Additionally many of the bigger plywood brands have now also ventured into the manufacturing of particle boards and MDF boards.

Article by Foyer2Attic Interiors: We are an interior design firm based out of Bangalore

Ashwini & Manoj\’s Home

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Project Writeup by Foyer2Attic Interior Designers Bangalore

Ashwini & Manoj come across as a modern couple with traditional roots. Their modern home with a traditional touch is tailor made to match their personalities and lifestyle. The couple has two energetic young boys and they have a room which reflects their nature perfectly. Foyer2Attic takes pride in creating unique homes which are a natural extension of the owners\’ persona and that\’s exactly what we have achieved here too. We are particularly happy with this project since the wonderful owners placed their complete trust in the designers and let their home take shape exactly as per the design. Let us walk you through their wonderful home.

Foyer & Living

The moment the door opens, an amazing texture painted wall with a beautiful mirror greets you as you walk in. The elegant stepped shoe rack provides storage for all the footwear of the 4 member family. The foyer area piques your interest and makes you wonder how beautiful rest of the house must be!

The living room is inviting with hues of blue and brown. The custom designed TV unit is one of a kind and provides ample storage for electronics as well as books and DVDs. The family members love to read and this fact is reflected in the unique partition between living and dining. The carefully selected curtains and sofa set complete the look.

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Dining & Kitchen

The white brick cladding wall with a large classy clock takes your breath away the moment you set your eyes upon the Dining area. The classy Crockery cum Puja unit on the left of the dining area stands out as a sight for sore eyes. The solid wood dining table completes the look of the dining area.

This kitchen is one of our top favorites among the many projects we have done over the years. The wooden panel across the kitchen entrance lends a touch of class to the space. The breakfast counter flows in to the right as an extension of the white brick cladding wall. The kitchen looks spacious and classy with its glossy laminated finish in white and beige. Two ledges and a small storage unit near the entrance to the kitchen house mugs and small crockery items. This kitchen offers an amazing amount of storage space for anything and everything you might want to have in a dream kitchen.

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The dark wallpaper backdrop adds a touch of class to the guest bedroom. The wardrobe has a combination of matte and glossy laminates. Coming to the master bedroom, we just love how the wardrobe and side table have turned out. When you step into the kids bedroom, you feel transported to a different space altogether. Just how a kids room should be! Pretty obvious the boys love football 🙂

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Design elements and colors to influence human behavior

Human behavior is subconsciously influenced by a person\’s surrounds. There\’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to designing a home or office. In this article, we explore a few time-tested interior design trends and tricks using elements and colors which influence how we feel and behave in a certain space. These design tricks, commonly used in public places, restaurants, offices and hotels, can be adapted to home interiors too.

Use of Blue color: Blue promotes tranquility when used on a wall, hence it is often used in bedrooms to bring about a sense of tranquility and encourage good sleep. A calming blue color is seen in many spas and wellness centers to promote relaxation during treatments. When blue, calm and soothing, and white, clean and simple, are put together, you get the ultimate serene, tranquil space.\"São

Use of Mirrors: Thoughtfully placed mirrors in a small space can provide a sense of openness and provide an illusion of depth in the space. Using mirrors strategically can help capture light and project it into darker spaces of the room. They also help highlight your favorite ornamental items by reflecting into your field of vision from different angles. One of our favorite design aspects with mirrors it to place a mirror opposite to a window to capture natural light and bounce it around the room. And remember, bigger the mirror, more the amount of space it appears to create.


Using patterned carpets: Patterned carpets have long been used by designers to seemingly lengthen hallways and make cramped spaces look bigger. The pattern draws the focus of your eyes outward thereby creating the illusion of more space. Horizontal striped carpets with lighter colors can make a small space look bigger.


Use of Green color: The color green is known as one of the easiest colors for the human eye to focus on for an extended period of time. Green is also a very soothing color which evokes the feeling of hunger when used as a wall color, making it the perfect color for a fine dine restaurant or dining area of your home. Red is also associated with hunger but is best used for busy establishments such as a fast food restaurant as it is an energetic color and encourages a quick exit.


Use of Dim Lights: As a restaurant prepares to go from lunch mode into dinner mode, it is common practice to dim the lights. While many may think this is to mimic the time of day, there is another mind-tricking reason for the change. Bright lighting coupled with red color invokes an energetic mindset, which creates turnover during the busier times of day. If you will notice, fast food restaurants have bright lights day and night to encourage a quick visit. Dim lighting in fine dine restaurants or pubs is comfortable and invites guests to enjoy a longer stay—or multiple courses and rounds of drinks.


Rooms without windows: Windowless rooms are most commonly used as a tactic to lose track of time, and in the case of a casino, spend more money. Bathing these confined areas in warm lighting tricks the mind into comfort, effortlessly allowing visitors to forget the time. Taking advantage of the windowless tactic, casinos use darker busy designs in ceiling and carpets to make the eyes of customers focus toward gaming tables and slot machines. You can use this tactic at home, preferably in a basement room, to create a space where you want to spend a leisurely day or evening, either alone or with a loved one.


Poushali & Amitayu\’s Home

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Poushali & Amitayu are a young, energetic couple with a taste for finer things in life. Their home is a natural extension to their persona; warm, charming and inviting. For their home, they wanted a Mediterranean touch and an European styling, which is exactly what they got from our team. Let us walk you through their home.

Living & Dining

The living area is done up in shades of blues and greys, lending a distinct contemporary Mediterranean touch. The tall shoe rack and the display partition complement each other to provide an elegant foyer area. The couple\’s existing TV unit was blended in to the rest of the decor. The meticulously chosen L-shaped sofa lends the living area a grandiose look. The beautiful curtains complete the picture.

The dining area has a persona of its own. The bar unit, counter top with bar stools and the elegant white dining table & chairs give an air of sophistication to this space. The beautiful curtains let in ample daylight, lending the space a charming bright hue. Absolute delight to sit in and have a conversation!

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Kitchen & Crockery

The kitchen has a distinct Mediterranean feel to it with blue dominating the set up. The shutters are done in rubber wood with Duco paint giving it a distinctly different and charming look and feel compared to most other kitchens. This space is an absolute pleasure to work in.

The crockery unit is made up of a bottom unit and an elegantly designed top unit, providing ample storage and display space. 

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Study & Bedrooms

\”The Study\”. Those are the words you will most probably use when you see this space. We are particularly proud of how this room has turned out. Photographs cannot do justice to the look and feel of the study. It\’s one of a kind! The colors used in this space have a calming effect on your psyche the moment you step into it. The wardrobe and top unit above the study table have been given a sense of continuity. The carefully chosen modern chairs lend a cheerful look to the room.

The master bedroom looks like something straight out of a dream. The bed and its back panel blend in wonderfully well with the wooden flooring. It features a best in class full height majestic lacquered glass sliding door wardrobe. The elegant wallpaper completes the look of this room.

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