Preeti and Sudipto\’s Nest

The busy software professionals and young couple, Preeti and Sudipto, wanted to create a safe haven for themselves and their daughter where they can relax and spend some cozy family time together. The expert interior designers of Foyer2Attic stepped in to help them design their dream home at SJR Fiesta Homes located in Electronic City Phase 2, Bangalore. Our designers took time to understand their requirement and put sincere effort to create their dream space which reflects their true self. Let’s get inside and have a look now.


The Main door of the apartment opens into the foyer area, which is neatly done with stepped style wooden cabinets providing ample storage space for shoes and other items. Two wall mounted cabinets and the wooden panel on the wall above gives a neat look providing room for decorating with indoor plants and other show pieces. A fancy light hanging from the ceiling, a wall hanging, a painting on the wall and a flower vase on top of the shoe cabinet complete the simplistic look of the foyer. Our interior designers hand picked every single item that is used to decorate this space.

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Living Room

The Foyer leads straight to the living area which is a cozy yet bright and airy room with a light gray couch livened up by printed cushions. Light colour of the walls, combination of sheer curtains having light solid colour & a simple pattern, a few pieces of furniture and other natural elements like indoor plants create a relaxed look. The TV unit in the living area instantly draws attention by its smart design. It has been extended in an L shape to form a Puja room with glass doors and small racks & drawers to display photo frames and other decorative items. A soft area rug has been placed on the floor which complements the walls of the living room.

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To the left of the foyer is the kitchen space which combines elegance and functionality. The wooden panel and the breakfast bar at the entrance of the kitchen are the first things that draw one’s attention. The soothing sea green and white combination cabinets along with the grey and white diamond patterned backsplash make it even more welcoming. The extended part of the kitchen, which is also called the utility room, has been done with the same colour combination as that of the main kitchen area and our designers have taken utmost care of each and every detail to make it look neat and well organized. The stud lights on the ceiling, a big round hanging color changing mood light on top of the breakfast bar, the painting on the adjacent wall of the bar and the small potted plants kept on top of the counter complete the fresh and lively ambiance of the kitchen area. The kitchen stands testimony to what interior designers can do to transform an otherwise ordinary space into something that is a treat to the eyes.

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Dining Space

The dining space in this home is well connected with the kitchen and the living area providing room for interaction. A six sitter dining table has been set right in front of the breakfast bar and a multicolored area rug has been placed beneath it to define and add depth to the space. A sideboard with ample storage space for crockery and other essential items has been kept by the wall adjacent to the kitchen, in straight line with the dining table. The simple woodwork done around the wash basin at the corner of the dining space looks chic. A round designer mirror and a clock have been used as wall decor. The decor of this room has been kept minimal creating a calm and sober ambiance.

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Master Bedroom

Master bedroom has been kept simple and sober with comforting neutrals. A custom made cupboard with adequate storage space has been placed on the wall just beside the door of the room and a dressing mirror with mini storage for cosmetics has been hung to complete the overall look and requirement of the room.

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Second Bedroom

The second bedroom has been done in the same way as the Master bedroom. Here too a custom made Cupboard with attached dressing table and mirror has been created in brown and light grey plywood and laminated material.

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Study cum Play Room

Our client wanted to maintain a synergy in their entire house. Hence a neutral palette has been used for the walls and furniture in the study cum play room too. This room has been designed very thoughtfully keeping in mind the needs of both kids and adults at home. The young child needs her own space for recreational activities and studies and adults need a space to work from the comfort of their home. Keeping this in mind, the third room has been converted to a Study cum Play room. A comfortable seating area has been created just beneath the window of the room with ample storage space encompassing the seating bench. This area can be used by the kid for recreational purpose like reading story books, or playing with toys. A colourful blind on the window has added a pop of colour to this cute, cozy space. On the other side of the room a clean and contemporary study/office space has been created, providing ample space for laptops, books etc.  The space above the study unit has been well utilized by displaying all the stuffed toys of the house adding a splash of colour and texture to the space. Our interior designers are particularly proud of how their little daughter just loves this space.

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Article by Foyer2Attic Interiors. We are an interior design firm based out of Bangalore. Our design only services are pan India and we take up turnkey projects anywhere in India. Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 9902018147 for inquiries.