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Ashwini & Manoj\’s Home

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Project Writeup by Foyer2Attic Interior Designers Bangalore

Ashwini & Manoj come across as a modern couple with traditional roots. Their modern home with a traditional touch is tailor made to match their personalities and lifestyle. The couple has two energetic young boys and they have a room which reflects their nature perfectly. Foyer2Attic takes pride in creating unique homes which are a natural extension of the owners\’ persona and that\’s exactly what we have achieved here too. We are particularly happy with this project since the wonderful owners placed their complete trust in the designers and let their home take shape exactly as per the design. Let us walk you through their wonderful home.

Foyer & Living

The moment the door opens, an amazing texture painted wall with a beautiful mirror greets you as you walk in. The elegant stepped shoe rack provides storage for all the footwear of the 4 member family. The foyer area piques your interest and makes you wonder how beautiful rest of the house must be!

The living room is inviting with hues of blue and brown. The custom designed TV unit is one of a kind and provides ample storage for electronics as well as books and DVDs. The family members love to read and this fact is reflected in the unique partition between living and dining. The carefully selected curtains and sofa set complete the look.

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Dining & Kitchen

The white brick cladding wall with a large classy clock takes your breath away the moment you set your eyes upon the Dining area. The classy Crockery cum Puja unit on the left of the dining area stands out as a sight for sore eyes. The solid wood dining table completes the look of the dining area.

This kitchen is one of our top favorites among the many projects we have done over the years. The wooden panel across the kitchen entrance lends a touch of class to the space. The breakfast counter flows in to the right as an extension of the white brick cladding wall. The kitchen looks spacious and classy with its glossy laminated finish in white and beige. Two ledges and a small storage unit near the entrance to the kitchen house mugs and small crockery items. This kitchen offers an amazing amount of storage space for anything and everything you might want to have in a dream kitchen.

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The dark wallpaper backdrop adds a touch of class to the guest bedroom. The wardrobe has a combination of matte and glossy laminates. Coming to the master bedroom, we just love how the wardrobe and side table have turned out. When you step into the kids bedroom, you feel transported to a different space altogether. Just how a kids room should be! Pretty obvious the boys love football 🙂

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Design elements and colors to influence human behavior

Human behavior is subconsciously influenced by a person\’s surrounds. There\’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to designing a home or office. In this article, we explore a few time-tested interior design trends and tricks using elements and colors which influence how we feel and behave in a certain space. These design tricks, commonly used in public places, restaurants, offices and hotels, can be adapted to home interiors too.

Use of Blue color: Blue promotes tranquility when used on a wall, hence it is often used in bedrooms to bring about a sense of tranquility and encourage good sleep. A calming blue color is seen in many spas and wellness centers to promote relaxation during treatments. When blue, calm and soothing, and white, clean and simple, are put together, you get the ultimate serene, tranquil space.\"São

Use of Mirrors: Thoughtfully placed mirrors in a small space can provide a sense of openness and provide an illusion of depth in the space. Using mirrors strategically can help capture light and project it into darker spaces of the room. They also help highlight your favorite ornamental items by reflecting into your field of vision from different angles. One of our favorite design aspects with mirrors it to place a mirror opposite to a window to capture natural light and bounce it around the room. And remember, bigger the mirror, more the amount of space it appears to create.


Using patterned carpets: Patterned carpets have long been used by designers to seemingly lengthen hallways and make cramped spaces look bigger. The pattern draws the focus of your eyes outward thereby creating the illusion of more space. Horizontal striped carpets with lighter colors can make a small space look bigger.


Use of Green color: The color green is known as one of the easiest colors for the human eye to focus on for an extended period of time. Green is also a very soothing color which evokes the feeling of hunger when used as a wall color, making it the perfect color for a fine dine restaurant or dining area of your home. Red is also associated with hunger but is best used for busy establishments such as a fast food restaurant as it is an energetic color and encourages a quick exit.


Use of Dim Lights: As a restaurant prepares to go from lunch mode into dinner mode, it is common practice to dim the lights. While many may think this is to mimic the time of day, there is another mind-tricking reason for the change. Bright lighting coupled with red color invokes an energetic mindset, which creates turnover during the busier times of day. If you will notice, fast food restaurants have bright lights day and night to encourage a quick visit. Dim lighting in fine dine restaurants or pubs is comfortable and invites guests to enjoy a longer stay—or multiple courses and rounds of drinks.


Rooms without windows: Windowless rooms are most commonly used as a tactic to lose track of time, and in the case of a casino, spend more money. Bathing these confined areas in warm lighting tricks the mind into comfort, effortlessly allowing visitors to forget the time. Taking advantage of the windowless tactic, casinos use darker busy designs in ceiling and carpets to make the eyes of customers focus toward gaming tables and slot machines. You can use this tactic at home, preferably in a basement room, to create a space where you want to spend a leisurely day or evening, either alone or with a loved one.


Poushali & Amitayu\’s Home

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Poushali & Amitayu are a young, energetic couple with a taste for finer things in life. Their home is a natural extension to their persona; warm, charming and inviting. For their home, they wanted a Mediterranean touch and an European styling, which is exactly what they got from our team. Let us walk you through their home.

Living & Dining

The living area is done up in shades of blues and greys, lending a distinct contemporary Mediterranean touch. The tall shoe rack and the display partition complement each other to provide an elegant foyer area. The couple\’s existing TV unit was blended in to the rest of the decor. The meticulously chosen L-shaped sofa lends the living area a grandiose look. The beautiful curtains complete the picture.

The dining area has a persona of its own. The bar unit, counter top with bar stools and the elegant white dining table & chairs give an air of sophistication to this space. The beautiful curtains let in ample daylight, lending the space a charming bright hue. Absolute delight to sit in and have a conversation!

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Kitchen & Crockery

The kitchen has a distinct Mediterranean feel to it with blue dominating the set up. The shutters are done in rubber wood with Duco paint giving it a distinctly different and charming look and feel compared to most other kitchens. This space is an absolute pleasure to work in.

The crockery unit is made up of a bottom unit and an elegantly designed top unit, providing ample storage and display space. 

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Study & Bedrooms

\”The Study\”. Those are the words you will most probably use when you see this space. We are particularly proud of how this room has turned out. Photographs cannot do justice to the look and feel of the study. It\’s one of a kind! The colors used in this space have a calming effect on your psyche the moment you step into it. The wardrobe and top unit above the study table have been given a sense of continuity. The carefully chosen modern chairs lend a cheerful look to the room.

The master bedroom looks like something straight out of a dream. The bed and its back panel blend in wonderfully well with the wooden flooring. It features a best in class full height majestic lacquered glass sliding door wardrobe. The elegant wallpaper completes the look of this room.

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Hardeep & Anirudh\’s Home – A Dream Come True

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We are particularly proud of this project since it showcases our true potential when the client places complete trust in our abilities to create an unique look for their dream home based on their vision for it in the first meeting.

Hardeep & Anirudh are a young, energetic couple working in the IT industry. Their tastes have European and American influences given their frequent travel schedule to those countries. Their home reflects their taste and lifestyle. It\’s a dream come true, for them as well as for us! Our designer was given a free hand to create something unique and our best carpenter team was assigned to execute this project. They did, and how! Let us walk you through this wonderful home. Before you ask, let us tell you that there are no 3D drawings in this post. All photos are 100% real. Just thought we should clarify.

Foyer & Living Room

As soon as the door opens, you see a beautiful foyer done up with wall paper and an unique pebble mirror. An elegant shoe rack with lots of storage adorns the foyer area.

As you walk into the house, the living room takes your breath away! The amazing false ceiling catches your eye to begin with. The meticulously selected furniture and the photo wall with ledges complete the look of the living room. We bet you can\’t get enough of this view, each and every time you walk into this home.

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Dining & Kitchen

Before you are done drooling over the foyer and living area, the dining and kitchen areas greet your eyes. The puja-cum-crockery unit features a beautiful CNC cut \”Ek Onkar\” symbol with backlighting. The kitchen looks something straight out of a dream and we are particularly proud of how it has turned out. The elegant bar unit features an unique hand crafted wine rack. The common washbasin area features a backlit mirror and is adorned with tastefully chosen mosaic wall tiles.

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Bedrooms & Bath

The master bedroom is something we are particularly proud of. It features a beautiful best in class ARISTO sliding door wardrobe, an elegant queen sized bed, a texture painted wall and hanging lights on both sides of the bed. An integrated dressing cum TV unit cum study in front of the bed, done in white, lends a sense of space to the bedroom. The light fittings in the false ceiling provide uniform lighting to the bedroom. The bathroom is very elegantly done in an European style.

The second bedroom is done up in hues of blue which lends the room a bright cheerful look. Highlight of this room is the nook created besides the window where one can cozy up to read a book or have a chat. The spacious wardrobe gives no dearth of storage space to the household. The guest bedroom looks equally spacious and airy.

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Shobha & Ramkumar\’s Home, Sobha City

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Shobha and Ramkumar have a closely knit family and they like all things bright, colorful and cheerful. They have two energetic young boys. This is their second home and they wanted their home to reflect their outlook towards life. Let\’s walk you through their home now.

Foyer, Living, Dining and Kitchen

The Foyer was given a stone cladding treatment with spotlights on a ledge above a shoe rack which provides ample space for storing footwear. The spotlights highlight the beautiful stone cladding, which stands out as a prominent element as soon as you enter the home.

The Living Room has a warm cozy feeling to it with a comfortable sofa set which goes along with rest of the decor. The false ceiling provides uniform lighting to the whole living and dining area.

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The dining area features an exquisitely handcrafted crockery unit against an accentuated wall. For the kitchen, it took considerable time, effort and scouring through numerous catalogs to get just the right shades of green and blue which Shobha wanted for the kitchen but we are happy that in the end the kitchen turned out exactly as Shobha had envisaged.

Next to the dining area is the Puja room which houses a beautifully made Puja unit. The highlight of the room is the artistic frosted glass with back lighting on top of the Puja unit.


The master bedroom looks exquisite with the dual tone Purple and White wardrobes and lofts. The unique arrangement of spotlights gives an artistic look to the space. The TV unit features a backlit wooden panel.

The kids bedroom reflects the bright nature and energetic enthusiasm of the couple\’s two young boys. The ceiling is covered with radium decals which look absolutely gorgeous in the night with lights turned off.

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Rekha & Mohan\’s Home

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We finalized on a subtle Indian Peacock theme for Rekha and Mohan, which reflects their bright and cheerful attitude towards life. Read on to find out how we transformed their house into a home they love getting back to every time they step out.

Living & Dining

Full stretch of the living and dining area wall was given a texture paint treatment in Peacock Blue colour to give the large space a bright royal look. A CNC cut partition demarcates the living and dining areas. A false ceiling stretching across the ceiling, covering both living and dining areas, provides ample uniform lighting to the whole space. The bright coloured sofa complements the textured wall and stands out in contrast. The TV unit and Dining Table complete the look of the space.

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Puja Unit, Kitchen and Passage

A beautiful tall puja unit adorns the space between the dining and kitchen. A tall unit in the kitchen houses a microwave oven and shelves in it provide ample storage space. The passage to the master bedroom has been exquisitely crafted with stone cladding and ledge with spotlights.

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The wardrobes in the bedrooms were existing before we took up the project. We added a few more units to complete the look of the bedrooms.

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Subhashree & Kaushik\’s Home – Ahad Euphoria

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Subhasree and Kaushik are a young energetic working couple with a toddler at home. The colors and theme used in designing their home interiors reflect their cheerful and bright nature.

Entrance & Living Room

The entrance to the house features a beautiful CNC cut partition to the left side which provides a Foyer effect and separates the entrance from the dining area. A light colored shoe rack on the right side of the entrance provides just the right amount of storage space for the couple without cramping up the space.

The TV unit features a large back-lit wooden panel onto which the TV is mounted. A sleek cabinet at the bottom provides ample space to house electronics, CDs and more. The TV unit is minimalist yet holds attention in the living room. A false ceiling provides ample lighting for this area and serves the purpose of separating the living and dining areas. The tastefully chosen L-shaped sofa and curtains complete the living room setup.

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Dining Area & Kitchen

The prominent features of the dining area are a beautifully crafted puja unit against a stunning stone wall cladding backdrop on one side and a tall storage unit next to the washbasin on the other side, apart from the compact storage space provided under the washbasin.

The colors chosen for the kitchen cabinets and fixtures lend a bright sunny feel to the space, which makes it a pleasure to work in.

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The bedrooms have been provided with ample storage space in the form of sliding door wardrobes with loft and full length mirrors. Each of the two bedrooms have been given different color themes. Both bedrooms feature a study table.

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Mr. Ranganathan\’s Home

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It was a pleasure to handle Mr. Ranganathan\’s home renovation project. We thank him for the opportunity to showcase our creativity in transforming his old house into a shiny new abode that is a pleasure to live in.

We all love transformation stories, don\’t we? This post is just about that. Today we write about this interiors renovation project which we took up recently and handed over only a few days ago. Home renovation projects typically demand close attention and that\’s what Madhu, our Creative Head, did throughout this project to provide a beautiful home tailor-made to our client\’s needs.


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What we did

Our designer was up to the challenge from the word go on this project. A beautiful design was created as per budget and needs of the client.

Electrical changes were finalized and carried out with new modular switches and boards. Floor, bathroom and kitchen tiles were chosen by our designer as per color theme picked for the project. All old flooring tiles were removed and replaced with new ones across the house. Old wardrobes, lofts and kitchen fittings were torn down and replaced with newly crafted wardrobes, lofts and modular design kitchen units. Undulations on all walls were smoothed out and entire house was repainted.

The entire project took just under 3 months to complete (delivered on time just as promised) and we are extremely proud of the end result which, compared to how the house was before, is beyond recognition! Scroll down to see the results for yourself.


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Rajeshwari & Vinod\’s Home

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Rajeshwari and Vinod, being very warm, welcoming and down to earth people, their home reflects their personalities. Let us walk you thru their home.

Foyer, Dining & Living

The Foyer was given a minimalist treatment with a dark brown ledge to showcase artifacts.

We went for a brick cladding for half the wall of the dining area while keeping rest of the wall space open to accommodate a compact crockery unit which provides ample storage space to the family. The choice of colors gives the space an earthy warm welcoming ambience. The carved wooden dining table and chairs complete the look.

A beautifully designed and equally well crafted TV Unit is the highlight of the living room. Ample storage space is available in the top and bottom units. Two ledges provide space for displaying family artifacts. The carefully chosen wooden furniture and curtains complete the look of the living room.

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Study & Bedrooms

The family members, being avid readers, have a fantastic collection of books across a wide variety of genres. They wanted to have ample space to keep their collection of books organized and we gave them just that! A library style study with two walls full of books in neat racks behind sliding glass doors. We were grinning end-to-end in delight at the end result. Take a look for yourself and we can bet you will be mighty impressed!! 

The bedrooms have two different styles of wardrobes. The kids bedroom has a white colored wardrobe to give an expanded sense of space while the master bedroom has a dual tone wardrobe to give a warm inviting look to the room. Both bedrooms feature ledges with spotlights which impart a cosy look in the evenings.

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The kitchen features a granite surface, shelves and top storage units. The sea green and yellow colors used in this space give it a bright, fresh and sunny feel which makes it a pleasure to use the kitchen. A Puja unit with CNC cut shutter has been provided below the tall unit to the far left. 

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